Develop Your Own App

At the ATIA Conference in Orlando last month we presented an educational session entitled “Develop Your Own App“.  The ATIA audience is largely educators, occupational therapists (OTs) and other assistive technology professionals.  Our fun presentations at such conferences usually fill the room, but our technical presentations are “less fully subscribed”.  I expected 5 or 6 people to be interested in the topic.

Boy, was I surprised when we had standing room only!  I only had 20 handouts, so people were taking pictures of them with their phones so they could pass them on.  There really was a lot of interest in the idea of turning a concept into a usable product.  With 36 slides to cover in an hour, we didn’t have much time for conversation, but there was a good mix of people all interested in how the process works, if not in how to do it themselves.

The presentation was largely an outline/checklist of all the steps needed to create and publish an app.  The majority of steps are the same whether you’re developing a product to be sold on an app store, sold to business, used internally in a business, or just for personal use. We started with a brief description of four models. In reality, your project might fall anywhere in between:

  1. Do all the work yourself
  2. Develop the concept and resources and turn over the technical development (programming) to someone else
  3. Develop the concept and hire out all the work
  4. Sell your idea to a developer

Next, we discussed the three main phases of getting an app to market, which of course was the bulk of the presentation:

  1. The design phase
  2. The development phase
  3. The deployment phase

After the presentation, we had several people waiting to discuss the ideas and goals for their personal projects, ranging from “I just needed to know where to begin.” to “I’ve been working on this project a long time and I just need to get it over the finish line.”  I exchanged cards with quite a few and hopefully can help some of them come to completion.

You can download the full session outline for Develop Your Own App. Also, you might like Creating an App Spec, which describes the preliminary process of deciding what the app will do and how much effort (time and money) it will take.

Of course Marblesoft is in the business of developing apps, and we can do as much or as little of your project as you need us to do.  Feel free to contact us about the options for developing your own mobile app, desktop app, Web app, or e-Book.

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